Partners that have our interest

We are currently involved with three partnerships aimed at initiating complex processes on a gigantic scale, with limited means. These three partnerships are Commonland, Charles Darwin Foundation and Peace Parks Foundation


Commonland was initially made possible thanks to an ongoing long-term grant from the COmON Foundation. Commonland was the birthplace of the 4RETURNS methodology, and continues to be the driving force behind everything they do.

Commonland is by far our largest and most impactful investment programme. Together, we aim to start a revolution by creating an industry focused on restoration. The ambition of Commonland is to restore 25% of the surface of the planet that has been degraded by human impact. The 4RETURNS methodology is embraced by all of their projects and is rapidly becoming a worldwide standard. Commonland projects worth mentioning are Baviaanskloof in South Africa, Altiplano Esteparia, Spain and Western Australia Wheatbelt, Australia.

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Charles Darwin Foundation

Islands surrounded by ocean are as it were miniature ecosystems. They can set an example for other mainland ecosystems. The Galápagos Islands are World Heritage Site #1, and not without reason.

After visiting the Galápagos Islands in 1835 and studying their geology and biology, Charles Darwin was able to develop his theory of evolution. The islands themselves are breathtakingly spectacular.

Unfortunately, over the years this remarkable, protected island group has also suffered degradation. This resulted not only from land misuse, but also tourism. As farmers became taxi drivers, more and more immigrants arrived, and serving the tourist trade became the norm. This proved an unsustainable choice, tipping the ecology out of balance. The Charles Darwin Foundation is dedicated to restoring degraded areas of the Galápagos Islands, eradicating invasive species and collaborating with world-renowned universities and the government of Ecuador to turn this tide, so as to conserve this special corner of our planet, as an example to the rest of the world. The COmON Foundation is supporting a range of landscape restoration projects as part of the Galapagos Verde 2050 programme, and finances a large proportion of the organisation’s annual overhead costs. In addition, COmON is supporting the foundation in the redevelopment of the Charles Darwin Research Center (CDRS), thereby setting an example of sustainable building, the wise use of alternative energy, and best practices in respect of water use and waste management. If there is one place on Earth where collective leadership is needed, it is here on the Galápagos Islands. To bring about this complete transformation, we are in need of more partners.

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Peace Parks Foundation

The Peace Parks Foundation was established by Dr Anton Rupert, Dr Nelson Mandela and HRH Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, with the aim of creating vast cross border parks throughout southern Africa.

One of the first major projects undertaken by the COmON foundation was effectively a kind of missionary work. The project in Mozambique was aimed at demonstrating how the restoration of landscapes in the buffer zones of cross-border parks, whereby local communities are offered an alternative source of livelihood, is in fact the key to making these parks fully sustainable. Together with the Peace Parks Foundation and the Government of Mozambique, we have invested in a series of projects and ventures (including conservation farming, and the farming production of chilies, honey and fish) to enable local people to earn a living, and allow the wildlife in the park itself to flourish. This project has attracted dozens of international subsidies and donations from like-minded family funds and from several development banks, including the World Bank.

Based on this success in Mozambique, the COmON Foundation is currently reproducing the model at the Simalaha Conservancy Area in Zambia in collaboration with the Royal Barotseland Establishment, Commonland and their Southern African partner Grounded. The 4RETURNS methodology has been thoroughly embraced by Peace Parks, in Zambia. For this project, too, we are delighted to invite partners to collaborate with us.

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